EO Los Angeles Mentorship Program

Hi there!

This is Richard Oberlander and I am mentorship chair for FY 20/21. Thank you for taking the time to explore this program. One of the reasons why I believe EO is such a powerful organization is because of the network of people, or as a past president called it- “Ohana,” where amazing entrepreneurs always endeavor to give back and help one another.

Just like the board, all mentors are volunteers. It is my job to help pair the right mentees and mentors together, especially to ensure no one is wasting anyone’s time. Mentorship success is not guaranteed and only works if there’s a good fit where I can help make the pairing. I would love for you to read through the the details below and apply to this excellent program I look forward to continuing the amazing work the previous chair has done and bring even more mentor/mentee partnerships into our chapter.

-Richard Oberlander, EO LA Mentorship Chair


  1. Fill out the application below
  2. Attend mandatory mentorship training. Even if you have attended in the past, you must make time to revisit this mentorship training as there are exercises applied during the training that will help reset the groundwork for this year’s program.
  3. If and when paired, meet for a few hours a month until the end of the EO fiscal year in June.
  4. Attend end of year mentor recognition and celebration event


There is no fee for the mentorship program.


Mentees are responsible for driving the relationship forward by scheduling meetings, sharing goals, and reporting on their progress. The mentor’s role is to share experiences and act as a sounding board to the mentee. After the program, the mentee and mentor may part ways, or possibly continue in an informal relationship. It is highly encouraged that the mentee give back to the program by serving as a mentor to an EO accelerator, an EO GSEA participant, or a fellow EO member.

A mentee:

  • Takes personal responsibility for business and personal growth
  • Aggressively seeks out the resources needed to advance the relationship
  • Opens up to feedback and challenges from others
  • Give back (becomes an accelerator coach, mentor, or GSEA judge/mentor)
  • You will have the opportunity to express your interest in the application form


  • EO member for 1+ year
  • Below application completed – due Aug 21, 2020
  • Signed Up for Mentorship Training – Sept 1st, 2020 (virtual)
  • Commit to not wasting Mentor’s Time and Energy (prepare & show up)
  • Respond to my simple check-ins (once in a while)
  • Carry your own bag and be proactive in letting me / mentor know any issues
  • Attend end of year mentor appreciation / celebration event on May 25 (5 – 7:30 p.m., location TBD)

Application Due Aug 21st, 2020

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