Key Executive Forum

Key Executive Forum is an opportunity for your senior executive to experience-share and learn among peers, in the same format as member forums.

This is an amazing professional development opportunity to leverage and build our leadership teams to enhance their skills in a supportive setting. The goal is to foster rapid professional development that directly benefits our EO companies.

NOTE: Key Executive Forum is available for EO LA members who have been with the chapter for a minimum of 12 months.

The structure of the Key Executive Forum:

  • Monthly three-to-four-hour forum meetings using the standard EO Forum format (zoom and quarterly in-person where possible).
  • Meeting time and date selected by forum members
  • Meeting location selected by forum members
  • Discussion of business, personal, and family life
  • (1) 2–3-day retreat in the Southern California area.

Key Executive Forum qualifications and benefits:

  • For key executives in EO member companies.
  • One-year minimum commitment
  • Must attend monthly meetings 3-4 hours in length and cannot miss more than one meeting per year.
  • Cost is, Year 1: $2500 ($1500 + $1000 1x fees). Subsequent Years: $1500. The program is based on a Calendar year, January – December. *Cost will cover forum training and food/beverage for in-person meetings.
  • Key Execs in the forum will have access to occasional “Learning Events” (please check the events calendar as it will clearly state who is eligible to attend. Key Execs will not be invited to social events.)
  • This forum will be under the purview of the Forum Chair, so all communication, requests, insights, and updates should be directed to him or her.
  • Key Execs must be forum-trained prior to attending a forum meeting.
  • Each forum group will elect a moderator, who will be moderator-trained and will attend the quarterly moderator meetings.
  • Forum will be led for the first year by an EO member volunteer to help steer and direct the forum toward best practices.

Membership Continuity and Launch Details for the Key Executive Forum

Key Executive Forum members may remain in Executive Forum for an annual fee as long as the EO member remains a chapter member in good standing, and the Key Executive does not violate the Executive Forum’s individual constitution. No fees will be refunded should a Key Executive Forum member leave the forum for any reason prior to their year anniversary. If the Key Executive leaves the EO member’s company, he/she will be removed from the forum. This forum will be launched once we get a minimum of 6 key executives, and we will cap the forum at 10. Additional forums will be launched periodically with a minimum of 6 key executives.