About Us

Entrepreneurs make up less than 3% of the population, meaning it’s rare to find someone who truly understands your experiences and challenges.

Family and friends may offer support, but when it comes to the unique pressures of entrepreneurial life, it often feels like you’re navigating uncharted territory alone. That’s where the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) comes in—an invaluable global network where you can connect with others who have walked the path and can share their insights and experiences.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a vibrant, peer-to-peer network that spans over 12,000 influential business owners across 163 chapters in 52 countries.

Since its inception in 1987, EO has been the driving force that empowers top entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge and achieve greater business success and personal fulfillment.

In Los Angeles, we provide exclusive opportunities for entrepreneurs and founders with annual revenues exceeding $1 million (USD) to learn and grow. EO is where you can find the guidance, wisdom, and connections that only fellow entrepreneurs can provide.

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