EO LA’s newest sponsor: Eco Caters

EO LA is thrilled to announce Eco Caters as our newest strategic partner!


Eco Craters

We are an organic-focused, family-owned catering and event design team excited to share our table with you. With catering in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, we offer exceptional service for every occasion. We believe in seasonal menus sourced from local fields and pastures. Our passion for hand-picked, organic ingredients shines through in each and every bite. If you’re hungry for classic cuisine or adventurous enough to try something a little more avant-garde, Eco Caters is here to serve you!

This is info on our Simply Lunch Program:
If how you eat reflects your work and lifestyle – you probably want to know where your food comes from, who makes it, and what’s in it.

Simply Lunch takes the burden out of deciding what to eat at work. With meals tailored to fit your company’s needs, Simply Lunch provides healthy organic dishes to energize your mind and body while keeping lunch new and exciting each day.

Simply Lunch chefs bring years of catering experience and passion to the table. The team provides a trusted source of meals that are not only sustainable, but chef-driven, healthy, and creative. Don’t compromise delicious when eating green.

Available in San Diego, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Prices $10-$12 per person, based on a minimum of 20 people. Free onsite consultation to assess your lunch needs. If you have kitchen facilities, our chefs can cook from your premises daily. If no facilities, we will deliver to you to the times that you need.

Chef Nick Brune

Chef Nicholas Brune was born and raised in the heart of “flavor country,” Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he began cooking and experimenting with food at a very young age. This hobby grew to be an obsession when he moved to New Orleans and began working at Mr. B’s Bistro. After working for the Brennen Family for two years, Chef Brune became infatuated with the flavor and design of food.

Chef Brune then moved to Los Angeles and worked as head chef of some of the top catering companies in the city, where he had full responsibility for coordinating all aspects of the kitchen for some of the biggest events in LA. He nurtured a passion for organic farming, local ingredients, and sustainable seafood. Chef Brune introduced his conscious-cooking philosophy to a wide array of clientele, including celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Chef Brune Co-Founded Eco Caters in 2007 alongside Adam Hiner to bring fresh, seasonal, organic food to the tables of events throughout Southern California. In 2011 Brune and Hiner opened a new restaurant in San Diego called Local Habit, mylocalhabit.com.

Today, Chef Brune has dedicated his talents to creating artful, seasonal, and organic dining experiences. He shares that passion into every corner of Eco Caters; including, his creation of the SoundBite Dinner series which has been going strong for the past four years and most recently conceptualizing and opening San Diego’s newest sustainable venue Lot 8.